Monday, January 9, 2012

Make over : Dining Table



 A F T E R

This is my first project I took on when we moved into this apartment little over 2 years ago. This dining table belonged to my husband's grand parents. It was used at the beach house that the grand parents used to own and eventually came to our apartment. We know for sure that it is at least 50 years old, but it could possibly be 80 years old since it has some sort of marking of 1929.

I took the wicker off the back of the chair, reupholstered seat cushion with the fabric that I stenciled each pattern! Stencil part took some time, but everything was easy. I didn't even have to take them out side to paint. I always wanted blue painted furniture (blue is my favorite color), so this was my chance! After I painted and used scotch bright to get the worn look. Since the chair had dark stain, it worked really well and contrasted nicely with the blue!

Giving make over to planter has been on my list for while, but haven't touched since we got the planter.... We'll see when or if it actually happens or not! 

Have a good day!


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